Matara - Sri Lanka
  • What We Offer..
  • Other than giving children a sound formal education in a well-tutored setting, we focus on developing on developing their total potential through a wide- array of specially designed programs.
  • 01. Brilliant Stars English Academy
  • We have setup BSEA to provide a quality English Language Education to both BS and Non-BS students. Qualified, highly-skilled teachers are teaching in these classes mainly for enhancing the students' English Language fluency and preparing them for reputed International Examinations. Elocution classes are conducted from 2.00 p.m. onwards every week day except Tuesday, and on Saturday from 10.00 a.m.
  • English can reach your child through Brilliant Stars English Academy. We offer IELS(Institute of English Language and Speech) Exams
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  • Public Speaking Lessons
  • Lessons are conducted and monitored by Mrs. Hunniya Wazeer (Directress) who has the following qualifications :
  • BA (Eng), LTCL (TD) Speech & Drama (UK), ATCL (TD) Speech and Drama (UK)
  • AIEMS Speech & Drama Hons. (SL )
  • Gold Medal Vs. & Prose LAMDA (UK)
  • Dip. Early Childhood Ed, Hons. OUSL
  • Advanced Cert. Pre-Sch. Ed. Hons. OUSL
  • FIEMS Fellowship Award Winner and Millennium Royal Gold Award Winner for Excellence in Teaching Standards 2002-2008
  • Examiner CALSDA & IELS
  • Member STSD UK
  • 02. IELS
  • Institute for English Language and Speech Examinations was established in 2009 in view of streamlining the current trend of sitting International English Examinations.
  • Teacher's Registration Form-IELS - Download
  • 03. SLMUN
  • We send our students to SLMUN (Sri Lanka Model United Nations) conference to make them aware of the organizational procedure of global diplomatic missions.
  • 04. VOF
  • Our students have excelled in VOF (Voice over Festival) for performing Arts, affiliated to the British Federation of the Arts. This enhances children's skills and competencies to perform on stage.
  • 05. Brilliant "In-Service"
  • In-service teacher training programme is interesting, practical and worth participants' time. Based on adult professional education principles, it offers an opportunity for professional renewal that will have a long-term impact on teaching in the school system in Sri Lanka. Teachers' competencies should be lively and updated, So that when a teacher enters a classroom she should be equipped with the latest know-how.
    We conduct a teacher training programme for primary teachers in the English medium helping them to be better teachers of tomorrow.
  • 06. Academic guidance
  • Children have a natural, deep spirituality. They know God even before stories and symbols. They need adults who can help them discover a language for their faith. This program provides both academic learning and practical training for the spiritual guidance of children. Rooted in the scholarly environment, the program leverages the approaches to nurturing children's capacity building.
    We offer the children to participate in Performing Arts. Many have already obtained Gold Awards in Dancing, Singing, Speech and Drama. This institution was selected the best on the island for juniors in choral singing in 2003/4
  • 07. Evening Classes
  • Special evening classes are conducted by BSIC Academy catering to the educational needs of both BS & non-BS students. These classes cover every subject of both primary & secondary curricula in English medium.
    English classes are also available for adults to improve their language fluency.
  • 08. Play area
  • Outdoor play is important because kids really gain a sense of mastery and competency of skills from outdoor play when they do something like climb up a little sand hill and manoeuver their way down, they learn they can do this, which really adds to their sense of confidence.
    Keeping this in mind we have provided children with a large play area which gives an ample space to play about before the first bell and during the interval.
  • 09. Swimming Pool
  • Special swimming classes are conducted weekly for children who wish to learn swimming. We commit to deliver quality swimming lessons and excellent swimming experience.
    Swimming is a great activity but the problem with most children is that they often either learn swimming too late or they do not learn at all. Surprisingly enough, there is quite a large population of children who do not have the skills to swim and many swimming experts and child psychologists all over the world agree that people should start learning how to swim when they are young kids.
    Special swimming classes are conducted weekly for children who wish to learn swimming.
  • 10. Sports
  • We offer sports activities and games to all Brilliant Starts who wish to get the skills under the guidance of a highly qualified national sports coach.
  • 11. Western Band
  • The school has its junior western Band. The students are selected according to their talent and performance in music.
  • 12. Percussion Band
  • The Pre-school percussion band gives the opportunity to any student to display their musical and rhythmical talents at the annual concerts organized by the school.
  • 13. Dancing Lessons
  • The school's professionally trained and highly qualified dancing teacher discovers the student's individual and inborn talents and directs him/her to develop in the particular fields.
  • 14. The School Choir
  • The school choir is coached by the school's music teacher who is highly qualified and trained in music and voice training.
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